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If you or your family have been affected by the changes to State Pension Age with little or no notice  join our Campaign here. and check out the UK wide campaign below. education community


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Who We Are

We are the link up for the Scottish branches of the UK wide WASPICampaign2018. which is run by volunteers who have also been affected and are campaigning about the injustice 50s born women are facing due to the way their State Pension Age was changed.


What We Do

We have a network of local groups across Scotland where you can  email us for help and advoce, join our Facebook Groups and keep up to date with and  help take part in our Campaign


How We Help You

We are your first port of call to joining the Campaign. We will help you get a State Pension Forecast and write to the DWP about how the changes affected you. We campaign and lobby locally, across Scotland and the UK.

Find your Local Group pages by clicking the Local Group link at the top. If there isn't one yet contact us directly and we'll be in touch.

the maladministration process

What are 'the letters' we need to send to the DWP about our State Pension Age Change?

 If your State Pension Age was changed by the 1995 Pension Act then again by the 2011 Act and you had no or little  notification  you can write and complain to the DWP

Where can I start

We had a fundraising campaign back in 2016 and hired a Law firm to prepare a guide how to do this. You can find this guide under Downloads below. If you need more help or advice contact us below

What information will I need

To calculate what you will have lost due to the delay in your State Pension Age you will need an accurate forecast of your future State Pension and at what age you will get it. The links to the DWP sites that will give you this information are on the site. 

e.g. Pension Age now 66 years = 6 years at £155 per week = £48,360. retirement age calculator

What's happening to those who have already complained ?

The Complaints procedure is a process that takes some time but currently some test  cases have been chosen by the Health Service and Parliamentary Ombudsman for a decision. Due to another legal challenge by the Back to 60 group there is a High Court Judicial review pending so all complaints are currently suspended awaiting the High Court Judgement in June which may affect the findings.

Is it worth doing then?

Absolutely. This is your Pension that you paid into and you may not have been informed of the delay in time to plan for your expected retirement at 60, misinformed,or there may be wrong records held. The cases are currently only on hold so you will receive further notifications once a decision is reached at the Judicial Review. 

Link to DWP complaints site

How can I be kept up to date with what's happening ?

We will post updates on here and on the national Webpage and Facebook sites.


GEt your national insurance records here

Find your MP and MSP here by entering your postcode

WASPIScotland in the News


Support for the Judicial review on June 5th

Glasgow Lanarkshire  Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire WASPIs getting ready to join the other Scottish groups outside Holyrood. 

read here

Daily Record

Publicising our succesful march in The  February  by the West Dunbartonshire Group.

Click here for article

Coverage of our demo in February.

Report of our recent Demonstration in Glasgow with participants from all over Scotland.

Read full article here

Glasgow Live

Celebrating the Judicial Review being granted 

Read here.

ipaper article by Patricia Gibson.

Following the debate in Westminster asked for by Patricia Gibson Ayrshire MP 

Read article

Parliamentary Ombudsman forms for taking to your MP


Link to the Parliamentary Ombudsman Site

Click here to download form from the site or go to our downloads section where the file  is already posted and you can save a copy directly to your device. If you need a printed copy you can ask at your MPs office.

Find out more

Share with a friend or colleague

If you know anyone similarly affected please share the link with them or pick them up a form too.

WASPIScotland at Holyrood

Many thanks to Jennifer Jones at the Glasgow Sloth for this. @TheGlasgowSloth


The  Scottish WASPIs on the march in Govan on February 23rd 2019. Huge thanks to our photographer James Ito. 


An Oldie We made this almost 2 years ago.  The numbers affected have risen to 3.8 million women affected and the losses are now around £48000 each. We have had numerous more debates and demonstrations  too since then.  Help us finally right this injustice.

Holyrood Cross Party Group.

Find the composition,  minutes and dates of the Holyrood Cross Party Group on WASPI here and transcripts of the most recent debates..


Some messages of support from our local  MPs and MSPs.

63 Winters Song

The video of the song 63 winters written by one of our WASPIScotland members Jeanette and performed recently during her play Vicious which was staged in Glasgow. It highlighted the effect on ordinary women and their families by the delay of up to 6 years of the State Pensionafter Age, after  a  lifetime  of  work and  caring  purely by virtue of their birthdate. It includes real photos of WASPIScotland women which will strike a chord with those of you who have been similarly affected. 

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Find out how we can help you

There are so many ways to support our campaign. Contact us to find out more about how to complain about the changes to your Pension, find other women affected and  groups in your area, volunteer opportunities, and ways to get our message to your community.


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