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WASPI Inverclyde Supporters Group


Supporting 1950s born women in Inverclyde who have been affected by State Pension Age Changes. There are around 4,000 women losing up to £48000 each in Inverclyde and 3.8 million across the UK.

Who we are and what we do


We are a group of women from all walks of life and affiliations,  fighting together to highlight the injustice of the way the State Pension Age has been changed with little or no notice.

What we've done so far


We have lobbied with other WASPI local groups locally, at Holyrood and Westminster and taken part in protests all over the UK. We have had great support from Unions and our local politicians. But we need everyone affected to be heard so get in touch and we will help you find out how to complain to the DWP and lobby your local MP.

waspi inverclyde group

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We paid in, You pay out.